Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Script

Where did this movie come from?

For anyone who doesn’t know, the work and lifestyle of a butcher is a pretty hilarious thing. Basically all of them are alcoholics at least, most of the time more; and all of them think they are lady’s men. Working around a bunch of guys who cut meat all day can be pretty jhilarious, meat men tend to have a very specific humor: Very sexual and very sarcastic. Basically working with meat is my perfect occupation. Combining all of those things together and the fact that I have a degree in English, makes the script that I developed just a natural outpouring of my years of working around these guys.

In the tradition of things like ‘Clerks’ and ‘Waiting’ I think most people have held these jobs which basically suck, yet they still find some humor in their day-to-day. Movies such as those show just what can happen when someone in those positions sits down and tells a story. I personally have always had a hilarious time working with my meat and always wanted to share that with the world. This film is basically a 90- minute dick-and-fart joke set in a meat market and I’m proud of that fact.

I started gathering ideas together with a purpose about a year ago. Whenever I’d hear something funny, I’d just write it down and then transcribe that into a loosely collective  Word document when I had the time. After awhile the document thing started getting huge and I thought ‘how am I going to fit all of this into an actual story?’ From there I brainstormed and got a basic plot of a bunch of silly guys working in a meat market, who are then threatened to loose their jobs. The whole thing about the meat market contest to save their jobs and the stuff with the Super Cutters…. Man I think I was taking Sudafed and coffee that day and just jetted through about five pages of college lined notebook paper. The end result was the plot outline as it stands.

After finishing up all of that, I took my script and had it registered with the Writer’s Guild of America, East. From what I can understand, having your creative work on file with them is like a copyright, protecting my ass from someone swiping my idea. Also, once this baby does get into the negotiation phase, having that registered will give me some leverage.


While writing this film I was refining, adding things, taking things out, the whole process was pretty loose. What I’ve come up with is a pretty solid script (as I and others think) which still has the opportunity to have a few jokes added. Like all other creative works, I don’t think it will ever get to a point where every single thing I want in there is included, but it will get to a point that I can walk away and just get it on film. All my other ideas will just have to wait. (That’s where Meat Men 2 insert marketable title here comes in)

Before we film, I intend to do a read-through with the potential cast, see how the jokes play out as written and add in whatever pops up. While I don’t really want to mess with the actual story progression, if we add another ten minutes of funny ad-libbed stuff this movie’s only going to get better.

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