Friday, September 30, 2011

Back to the lab again.

Once again I am back to the old pavement pounding of contacting agencies/producers/Hollywood types. Going to these places with your hat in your hand looking for cash… well it kind of sucks. The problem is, I know my movie is funny, the people I give my movie to know it’s funny, however with no backing pushing my humor to these people, they could give a shit if my movie is funny. Over the last three days I have literally sent out over 500 emails. I've activated Hotmail's SPAM filter so many times it's not even funny. Also, I had one agency type who asked me for a $600 dollar advance to get him to work on my film.

[ mostly I'm not the type to bow to censorship, however my wife and some trusted advisors have explained various reasons why having further explanation of the bad agent transaction on here would be bad juju.... so, I edited it all out.

Know this: That shit was funny. if you read it before the editing on Oct. 1st, you know what's up. ]

Sorry to digress, anyway I basically I need an industry person pushing this movie. It's killin’ me, because none of these damn people want to look at my script. It’s a sick cycle because any agency I go to (and actually get through to someone) wants to talk to a producer. Then, when I do get a hold of anyone in the production side they want to talk to a representative from an agency.

Lol! It’s jhilarious fun!!

I’m actually watching ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ while I’m doing this work. This guy is literally cold-calling everyone in the corporate world trying to get someone to finance his film. It’s speaks to me, brutha.

His success seems like it is coming from smaller corporations (Coca Cola ain’t signing any checks this year) first, which is then snowballing into bigger stuff. You’ve got to have the small successes to push into the bigger successes. Something which also helped was he had a buddy in the marketing business. That guy introduced him to a smaller deodorant company, which then set a precedent for other people to start latching on.


If anyone out there has an ‘in’ to movies, holler at yer boy:

If anyone out there has a cousin in the industry, get at me:

If you, yourself would like to toss $$$ my way, door’s open:


Seriously, all I wanted to do was have a movie in which I could showcase butchers behaving badly. Who knew I’d have to basically crawl on my knees through every square inch of Hollywood’s gutters giving B.J.’s and Z.J.’s like the village bicycle?


Well, ain’t nothing I never did in college on a Friday night!!

Related note- I’m still up in the air on re-writing ‘Meat Men’ as a book. I can’t decide whether the jokes will translate to literary medium. So many of them are either visual or auditory or have some sort of that element I’m concerned with them getting lost in translation. Heh.

I guess I'll leave it as that. Not too much in the way of high financing happening, still just little old me trying to reach out and touch someone.

See you next time, same Meat Men time, same Meat Men channel!!

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