Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blast from the Past

(disclaimer- this is NOT about the Brendan Fraser movie of the same name)

So let me tell you a story about two guys that met in the fifth grade. Dave Radke and Derrick Tribbett. The cool kid and the fat nerdy kid. Out of nowhere the cool kid decided to take a chance on being buddies with the long haired fat kid, and after an afternoon of jamming out to 'Wild Wild West' a friendship was born.

We hung out for about four years even after Derrick's parents decided to move to the other side of Jacksonville. We went to different junior high schools; however we were still buddies and would spend nights and weekends at each other's various residences just doing what we did best.

What we did best, it would appear; was making shoddy movies on our parents' low-rent VHS equiptment. These videos covered such topics ranging from stealing cars, gangsters getting regular jobs, fake music videos, Russian mail-order commercials, and celebrity spoofs.

For us, we were recreating the things we'd seen in popular media, oftentimes word for word.

(Still considering suing the makers of 'The Matrix' for stealing our concepts)

It was a great deal of clean fun, making our 'D and D Productions' as we called them. After a couple of years Derrick's family moved south to Cape Coral Florida and although we never really lost touch we did move on two seperate paths with our lives:

Derrick --------------- Me

Me --------------------- Derrick

Derrick ----------------- Me

Both good paths, however now with this movie I see a possible reconnection. It could be time to take our 'D and D Productions' film company out of the attic, dust it off, and shoot it up with some new life. What would that look like? I'm willing ito bet it would be:

So, that's my new direction for 'Meat Men'. I intend to get with Derrick and give him my script, see what he thinks and if it's something he'd be interested in starring in. We can take my idea, what I've already been creating with and for this movie, my contacts; combine that with Derrick's raw comedic talent and his resources. On top of that, we throw together all of our raw ambition... Well, as Jimmie Wing down at Palatine Records always says: "Cream always rises, super duper!"

We'll see.... ....

Stay tuned to this Meat Channel for my next update: "First Contact" - This one is in video form!

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